diumenge, 9 d’agost del 2009


La puta ETA dels collons. Merda per ells. No tinc res més a dir i si en tingues no tinc ganes de fer-ho.

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Sergi ha dit...

Tu ho has dit.

Assumpta ha dit...

Doncs això... Porcs fastigosos!!

bajoqueta ha dit...

Aprovem les teues paraules :(

Assumpta ha dit...

Joaaaaaaaaan, canvia el post!!! :-))

Dream ha dit...

“We agreed not to make the announcement until all the details —”
“Oh details!” said Bagman, waving the word away like a cloud of midges. “They’ve signed, haven’t they? They’ve agreed, haven’t they? I bet you anything these kids’ll know soon enough anyway. I mean, it’s happening at Hogwarts —”
“Ludo, we need to meet the Bulgarians, you know,” said Mr. Crouch sharply, cutting Bagman’s remarks short. “Thank you for the tea, Weatherby.”
He pushed his undrunk tea back at Percy and waited for Ludo to rise; Bagman struggled to his feet, swigging down the last of his tea, the gold in his pockets chinking merrily.
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